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Garbage Day

Group up with your friends (up to 4)! Drive around the neighborhood to collect garbage and shoot it in your Burner 3000 Trailer in order to gain points! Be careful, the more garbage you burn, the more hazardous your environment becomes, holes in the ozone will start to form and fire will start raining from the sky! Last as long as you can, until everyone dies (including the planet). Oh, and be proud (or not) of your high score!


WASD or Left Thumb Stick = Move

Mouse or Right Thumb Stick = Aim

RMB or LT = Suck up Garbage

LMB or RT = Blast out Garbage

Spacebar or South button = Interact / Exit Truck

WS or LT/RT = Accelerate/Decelerate


Charles-Antoine Solis - Producer, Level Design & Junior Programming
Ray Nadeau - Music, Particles, Aesthetic, Post-processing
Steven Steffen - UI/UX, Visual Identity
Émeric Coudé - Lead Programming & Implementation
DJ Flying Taco - Music

shared design


Garbage Day - PC 40 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the windows or mac build.

2. Locate the .zip you've downloaded and extract it.

3. Inside of the "Garbage Day" folder, double-click the GarbageDay.exe, enjoy!

4. If you get a "Windows Protected your PC" screen, click "More Info", and then click "Run Anyway".

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